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VIDEO REVIEW: Oluvannyuma – Zulitums

This music video deserves more credit than it has garnered. Why? Because it flows, every thread in the storyline is woven for a reason

We don’t deserve Zulitums. We don’t deserve that musical excellence that is embedded and sustained in all his works. We don’t deserve his art. Why? Because we are too blind to realize we have greatness in our midst. He is a musical Van Gogh, and all his videos bring that to life.

With that background, imagine this music video, one where you are in a lock, not so often do you get to have a great video and a great audio? For Zulitums, it’s once again a normal routine in ‘Oluvannyuma‘. The video starts off with a car crash, Zulitums (the Groom) lying on the ground.

The Bride waits impatiently in church only to get a call that the Groom has been severely injured in an accident. She dashes out to the hospital. But in the end, it’s all joy, it’s a love that surpasses the trials, the tragedy, and it blossoms forever! This is a video for those who believe in love, those who believe love overcomes all!

 – Ian Ortega

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