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VIDEO: Mbeera – Levixone & Grace Morgan Hammondge

This music video deserves more credit than it has garnered. Why? Because it flows, every thread in the storyline is woven for a reason. For a moment, you escape and think it’s perhaps some short documentary of the endless struggles and perplexities of life.

Every character in this video comes in at just the right point, plays their part then exits. No one does more or less than is required of them. Kenzo, Bugembe, Morgan, Levixone, just great camaraderie. When Levixone plays as Kamya the janitor or Morgan as the girl who cons men.

Then the video peaks into the gospel lesson, it ends on a high that despite all these struggles, there’s an answer. That there’s a God who takes charge of these situations. It’s not a video to be watched once, it’s a video to be kept on repeat. It hits all the right notes!

– Ian Ortega

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