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VIDEO: I’m fed up with the politics of music- Nina Roz

As some Uganda artistes are still contemplating on leaving music associations on grounds that they do not have a relatable projected future others, especially the young entertainers in the music industry say they are not interested in the politics around them.

Currently, there seem to be two contesting associations for musicians, (Uganda Music Association and Uganda Superstar Association) both jostling to get the attention of President Museveni’s young brother Gen Salim Saleh.

Some of the artistes who have chosen to distance themselves from the associations is Nina Roz.

“To waste my time focusing on the politics of music doesn’t help me in any way because I don’t get paid for it yet we are the voice for the voiceless. We are blessed that people (fans) listen to us and even pay us for it. At my age, it’s embarrassing for me to involve myself in the politics of music; it would even be more embarrassing for the young people who look up to me and have a dream of singing,” Nina said in an interview with Spark TV.

According to her, “if you don’t have the power to change something just leave it as it’s.”

She further revealed that what she has so far achieved in the industry was partly because of cultivating good connections.

“I thank God that I have people who believe in me. You don’t need money to do what you wanna do in the music industry. First make good connections and never undermine the power of the camera or the person behind the camera,” she said when asked where she got money to shoot a new video yet the industry has been under virus-induced lockdown since March last year.

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