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MC Norman narrates how he got to work with Zander and DJ Buckz

In a world covered by a cloud of darkness causing anxiety and depression, love and light are left to be desired by many. MC Norman tells his fans and followers about how the joy of meeting someone new has made him feel in the ‘new normal. Following the release of his 5-track Cross Border EP, MC Norman is back with his latest single titled ‘Feel’. The single features music talents DJ Buckz and Zander Baronet hailing from the city of Tshwane.

When asked about what inspired the lyrics, Zander Baronet said that the song speaks about meeting someone new that he likes and makes him feel great.

According to DJ Buckz, it was Zander’s first time meeting MC Norman, and as we were jamming to music in the studio, he kept humming a melody. It is then that Norman suggested that they work on something.

The two then composed a beat around what Buckz was humming, then they started free-styling. Zander and DJ Buckz came up with the actual lyrics to the instrumental beat.

Narrating on the collaboration, MC Norman says that DJ Buckz and Zander paid him a visit at his home studio in Johannesburg when South Africa was on Level 3 of the National

Lockdown. “Buckz and Zander are my brothers. We all love music and how it makes us feel. That is why it was not hard to make this Single because we equally love creating great music.”

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