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Ibrah K Mukasa reveals how he gets his contacts and who he would love to interview next

Ibra K. Mukasa is the presenter of Koona, an entertainment show on Spark TV. Prior to this appointment, he was both a presenter and producer of most entertainment shows on Star TV. Isaac Ssejjombwe had a chat with him.

What was your dream career?

I wanted to be a lawyer but when my father, our breadwinner then, passed on, my dream was cut short.  I was in Senior Five then and we managed to complete secondary up to diploma level. This is how I ended up at UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Then joining the working field?

In my Senior Four vacation, I worked at a radio station in Mityana known as Skynet FM. During my Senior Six vacation, I applied to work at a radio station in Jinja but I was not successful. I was always stopped at the reception of that station for more than two months. Ironically, they recently called to offer me a job but I am not sure I can take it. My first year at UMCAT, Kasuku and I went to Red Pepper and we pioneered Kamunye, especially the entertainment page, an assignment  we successfully executed for more than seven years. In 2010, UBC started another station dubbed Star TV and Kasuku, I and another friend, Maseruka joined and did our first programme called Kasuku.  Three years later, I was assigned to host another programme every Saturday called Ekigunda and a morning show. I was later promoted to a producer of entertainment programmes on Star TV.

How then did you join Spark TV?

I first did a screen test but I did not receive feedback for a long time. I got a call after three months. The next call I got, they were asking for my social media handles and they were assessing my engagement there. I was later called and asked me to start hosting Koona programme.

Some people think that the issues you had with Fik Fameica and Lydia Jazmine had a lot to do with your departure from Star TV. Is this true?

Well, I can say that UBC board and the Ministry of ICT decided to suspend my show after that incident.  Many people thought I was fired but I was not. When the suspension period expired, I reported back to work but around the same time, I got a job at Spark TV.

Have you ever talked to Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica ever since then?

I have met Lydia Jazmine twice and Fik Fameica and we have exchanged pleasantries.

How is work at Spark TV?

It is a good working environment, people are welcoming and there is teamwork. From 10pm till 1am when the programme ends, I work with a team to get the work done. It is not a one-man show.  Right from the camera people, production, deejays, name it. No guest has turned me down and the pay check is good.

Do you think you fit in well in Mile Rwamiti’s shoes?

The show is about interaction, asking questions and seeking answers and I believe this is a job I perform excellently. I must acknowledge Rwamiti for setting the bar high and his contribution to that show cannot be underestimated. I am giving this show my best and I am glad the public is responding very well on social media.

With this kind of job comes female fan stalkers. How do you handle them?

I keep them at a distance through delayed communication. This is one of the best ways to turn off a woman. When she sends a WhatsApp message in the morning, I reply to it three days later.

What qualities did you admire about the woman that you love?

She understands me. My biggest problem is mood swings but she knows how to handle me. She is God-fearing, patient, beautiful, caring and loving.

What is your take on women who have a habit of checking their spouses’ phones?

Transparency is key in a relationship and if the couple is comfortable accessing each other’s phones, there is no problem with it. However, this should be done in the early days of the relationship. When you are beginning to date, let your partner know that she can access your phone and share passwords.  But we need to be mindful that phones have also been a reason why many relationships are ending lately. Women flirt with men and vice versa. If you are clean and you both believe in honesty, check your spouse’s phone. If you cannot, avoid your partner’s phone.

What turns you off in a relationship?

I hate lies. I am so critical that I can ask a woman the same question three times at different intervals and gauge whether the answers are the same.

You have done so many interviews. What is your most memorable interview?

I have done so many. The interview I did with Pr Bugingo’s ex-wife,Teddy went viral because she opened up about many things that the public did not know about their marriage. I had another one with Pr Bugingo himself. I have done interviews with the Archbishop Dr Kazimba Mugalu, Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga, Emmanuela, the comedian from Nigeria and Bobi Wine,  among others.

How do you manage to get these interviews with people who are hard to get?

I pray for every source before contacting them. I ask God for wisdom and the right words to say to convince people to grant me an interview. Professionalism comes first in everything I do. Above all, my previous works serve as my reference to my future sources.

Who would you like to interview next?

The Kabaka of Buganda, all cultural leaders in Uganda, the President of Uganda and the Supreme Mufti.

Editor’s Note: This interview first run in FullWoman, Daily Monitor.

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