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John Blaq, Chris Evans team up on new song

John Blaq with Chris Evans

Ugandan artistes John Blaq and Chris Evans have teamed up on a new song dubbed ‘Sitiide’. John Blaq being an Afrobeat/dancehall music and Chris Evans being a band singer have two completely different fan bases and music styles, but they perfectly complement each other in this new jam.

This is one of the combinations not many people anticipated since the two artistes sing for totally different crowds.

In ‘Sitidde’ loosely translated from Luganda to mean I am not scared, Chris Evans swears he isn’t scared of approaching the girl he likes because of her high class.

He says many have discouraged him from shooting his shot, but he ignored their negative energy as he is in love and not scared of anything including rejection.

John Blaq comes through in the second verse expressing his love and listing the many things he will do for the same girl.

The audio was produced by Sabula’s Diggy Baur, while the video was shot and directed by Darlington of Zero One Media who gave it good picture quality and enough lighting.

In the video, we see Chris Evans upgrade his sense of style to match John Blaq’s high sense of fashion.

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