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Celebrating Bob Marley

Entertainers perform at the event.

February 6 is Bob Marley’s birthday and because he is a legend, the world gets to celebrate him.
In Uganda, celebrations of Bob Marley’s birthday have been happening in different places but due to Covid-19 where events have been prohibited, the celebrations have been limited, with only one happening at Buchaman’s home in Makindye on Saturday.

The event was characterised by a number of activities, including artiste performances, rastafarian celebrations and danceing.

A stage was erected in Buchaman’s compound and his Government Band was available on the scene to offer backup to every artiste who stepped on stage to perform.

A huge backdrop with Bob Marley’s picture was mounted at the back of the stage with wordings ‘Bob Marley’s birthday celebrations’.

Throughout the day, Bob Marley’s songs were played as most ghetto youth, as they are commonly known, sat in different corners puffing away on substances only known to them.

Performances kicked off at 2pm with a number of unknown artistes, followed by a police band, which impressed with their display of instruments.

Immediately they were done, former Gagamelian, Denzol, stepped on stage and was closely followed by Buchaman, who received a thunderous cheers from his supporters in the audience. He performed “Lwaki Temumatila”, “Kyakula Sada” and “BanaKampala”, among others.

Just when we thought the event was done, Jose Chameleone joined Buchaman to perform some of Bob Marley’s songs including “One Love” and “No Woman No Cry”. They were later joined by Melody as the crowd waved Jamaica and Uganda flags.

Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981, aged 36 from an acral lentiginous melanoma, a form of skin cancer. 

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