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John Segawa and Leila Kayondo special friends?

Uuuuuhm…. How do we begin this one? In a recent interview with the Sunday Life magazine, John Segawa mentioned that Leila Kayondo is his special friend. How did this conversation come back?

Well, in the interview, the film maker was asked when he last gifted someone and his response: “It was a birthday cake and flowers for a special friend of mine, Leila Kayondo.”

When pushed to explain the ‘specialness’, Segawa was somewhat cagey, saying he would rather not explain. When we dug further, we learnt that the two actually live in the same neighbourhood in Bunga, a Kampala suburb, and their houses are not far from each other.

Now, could this be a ka special thing brewed on kaalo? After all, aren’t these two single adults?

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