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Putting a stop to vulgar comedians is our priority – Hannington Bugingo

Bugingo Hannington the president of Uganda Comedians Association(Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe)

The Ugandan comedy industry has gone through a series of phases. We have seen groups, duos and individual comedians making names out of the industry while others have failed no matter how hard they try.

However, there is one weapon that most comedians use to be and stay relevant in the comedy industry and that is being vulgar when on stage.

They use the advantage that the audience finds such jokes interesting and hence find the comedian funny but at the end of the day, the audience constitutes people from different backgrounds, beliefs, ideologies and most importantly ages.

Making such jokes on stage has worked for some comedians while others have been unlucky.

However, with the recently created Uganda Comedians Association, hopefully vulgarity will be whipped out of the industry.

The president of the association Hannington Bugingo, says that whipping out Vulgarity in the comedy industry is very possible and five years from now it will be a different story.

“We are aware of comedians who are vulgar on stage but everything takes time, this is a process. The association has been in existence for only four months. We are talking to those particular comedians on how they can change their content and good enough, they are corresponding well,” he said.

The Fun Factory comedian also added that this shouldn’t be a worrying factor to comedy lovers who take their children to enjoy comedy because it’s just a small number of comedians doing it. Bugingo said this during the Madrat and Chiko press conference where he was one of the invited guests.


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