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Thieves rule Blankets and Wine

Back in the day, pick-pockets would only be found in events such as Ekiguunda, Ekitoobero, Ekyepukulu and many other ‘e’ event you can think of.

But alas, the chaps have upgraded. Last Sunday during the Blankets and Wine event at Lugogo Cricket Oval, many girls were seen crying and guys cursing with claims of lost items; phones, tablets, wallets and bags.

So people actually pay 100K to go and rob? Wow! Among the people who were seen sobbing after the event was Daily Monitor sports writer Deus Bugembe, who said he lost his phone when King Saha was performing.

“I was with four friends but as we were busy enjoying King Saha’s Mpa Love, one of my friends noticed that his phone was missing and when we felt our pockets, all our phones were gone,” Bugembe said.

On reporting at the police station, he was told that many people were reporting the same case from the same event.

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