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How to declutter your computer

A slow computer can be quite irritating to use, especially when you have that tight work deadline to beat. A few of these tips will help you work around this issue.

Clear your downloads
You download folder stores all files such as pictures, music, videos, software that you have downloaded from the Internet. If you do not routinely check what old files are stored in this folder, you could be harbouring several GBs of unwanted files. Open the folder and organise its contents by the file type and delete anything that you no longer use.

Uninstall unused apps
Do a small inventory of all the apps you have installed on your computer and how often you use them. You can sort the applications by size to see how much space they are taking up on your drive. Uninstall anything that you do not use as it is hogging up precious space on your drive.

Remove duplicate files
For this you will need a third party app that will scan your drive for files that are saved twice or in different locations. These could be pictures, music and videos. Remember to use the third party app to review the files so you can decide what to delete.


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