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Fashion tip: Glossy lips

shine on: Step aside, matte lipsticks, the glossy lip is back and if you have been keen, you must have seen a few celebrities already rocking this new look. Here are a few tips to get you started.

You may have taken notice of one or two glossy lip looks around and were still not sure about whether you should get on the trend or not. Well, you better get right on, because the glossy lips look is back, and hotter than ever. Forget the matte lip, the glossy lip is the look you are going to be wearing from the office to that date night.

We spoke to celebrated make-up artiste Fayth Presh, for a step by step guide on how to achieve this look like a pro.
The beauty about wearing glossy lips is that it is going to be getting you all the attention for the right reason. It is quite subtle in comparison to the matte lipsticks or any other lipstick for that matter, so you are sure to have a great look each time. This look is appropriate for any occasion, setting and time. You could wear it to the office, to a corporate event and even on the red carpet.

“I love that glossy lips tone down your makeup, and add simplicity and freshness to your makeup. This lip trend is also bomb because it can be worn by practically any woman of any skin tone, something you cannot achieve with certain lipstick hues such as red,” Fayth Presh explains.

On how to achieve this look, she states that you should begin by moisturising your lips, and select a gloss basing on the natural colour of your lips.

“The clear glosses do match with any lip shades, so these should be your number one pick when choosing a lip gloss to use,” she adds.

You could decide to take the look a step further by lining your lips with a liner of your choice and then add the lip gloss for the perfect finish.

Top on her gloss recommendations when it comes to the brands are Fenty Beauty, Mac lip gloss, Milani and Bare Minerals lip glosses.

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