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What men dislike about make-up


Beauty. While women find comfort and confidence in wearing their trendy makeup, some men love to loathe this extra touch-up as Christine Katende finds out.

I like them natural because natural is beautiful. I dislike artificial faces. If women knew how beautiful they looked without make-up. For example, my partner is beautiful and she never applies make-up. The way some women like to have natural hair and clear facial skin, they should also endeavour to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits. Christopher Senyimba,
fitness trainer

Most women are naturally beautiful but when they apply make-up, the beauty disappears, they become ugly. Women should know that this make-up they yearn for affects their skin, which makes them appear much older than their age. Fight to stay natural, God never said that you add make-up. Innocent Ogen, Gateman

Make-up is a refraction and not a reflection of the true identity of someone who wears it. One may for example, appear light yet they are originally dark. Prostitutes, wear make-up to disguise as different people and that is why it is hard to identify them during day. Make-up hides a lot about the person such as pimples and it is said to have side effects such as cancer of the skin. Some grown-ups who use make-up cannot stand sun rays. Jonathan Okiru, counsellor

It would not be a menace but sometimes it is too much on certain women and it betrays them. I think some would better leave it for good because it distorts their beauty.
I acknowledge that some women look more beautiful without make up. If I have invested my money in a woman and later learn that her beauty is a result of make-up, I would demand a refund plus interest, just for wasting my money.  Ryko Hassan, songwriter

Make-up is supposed to hide imperfections on a woman’s face and may be make them look younger but many young girls apply it to look older in order to gain access to certain places. I think they misuse its purpose and many have ended up in the hands of wrong men. Some women do not even know how to apply it. A woman might have a pale and scaly face which looks funny. I would suggest mature or adult women apply it appropriately to save themselves from being embarrassed. Nick Echonga, Actor

I dislike make-up because it ruins someone’s natural beauty. Also, it is time consuming if you have an appointment with a woman who likes makeup. It will take her hours to arrive at the venue because she wants to make herself look more attractive. It is worse when it starts fading hours later, especially if it is a hot day. The most unpleasant thing is receiving a visitor who leaves lipstick marks on cups and glasses. Women should appreciate what God gave them. Joseph Dembe, teacher

I loathe make-up because it does not turn out to be proper on most of the girls I see. It kills the natural looks, thereby making them look older than their age. I think if one is to apply make-up, it should be used sparingly and more so applied by a skilled person. David D. Walugembe, Dietician

Make-up makes women look beautiful. I only hate it when it is too much that it almost turns them yellow. Some women have lost their original God -given colour due to use of cheap and fake make-up. Most women are now hooked and addicted to make-up which is bad. Addiction deprives man the ability to be in charge, God created man with the ability to be in control, which make-up takes away. Henry Lugero, Teacher

Make-up can change a woman’s natural beauty and skin complexion. Some have a face with a beautiful chocolate complexion but other parts of the body such as the neck, chest and hands are dark, which look terrible. Others apply make-up and end up impersonating as beautiful yet they are not. Robert Kuteesa, Businessman

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