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Development Channel Boss starts paying Dividends to his clients

Development Channel Boss Charles Lambert launched his company late last year in Uganda with the aim of developing the country.
Lambert, during the launch of Development channel said that he chose Uganda because President Museveni has provided an enabling environment and also shares the same ideologies on reducing capital flight from Africa and instead investing the money in our people.  Development channel for starters saw the creation of 5000 jobs in Uganda last year. This is the first time in 7 years that the company is paying returns to clients.
During an interview with this reporter, Charles Lambert said that they had paid not everyone but some people and others will also receive their dividends with time since the number is very big. “We have credited 560 people’s accounts from Uganda to Kenya and a few activated from Nigeria including children with average $30 per account.

We bless God for beginning of ordinary Africans enjoying proceeds from Africa’s First economic war. We will continue our stride until billions of dollars which usually leave the shores of Africa through foreign brands are redirected into the pockets and communities of Africans” Lambert said.

“God in heaven thank you so much for bringing development channel here in Uganda. Invested in this company ten months ago and am glad I got my returns” Vicky One of the beneficiaries said.

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