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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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’Zero Nyege Nyege effect’ – Ugandans’ reactions to KCCA Carnival cancellation

Kampala Festival

Performers at the 2014 Kampala City Festival

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) executive director Jennifer Musisi today announced that this year’s KCCA carnival has been cancelled. Why? So that the money can instead be used for developmental things like improving health care and the like.

Do you remember how social media was abuzz when MTN’s Nyege Nyege festival was banned by Fr Lokodo last week? The pressure was too much that the Ethics and Integrity ministry backtracked on the festival. That was something right? Have you seen the pictures yet by the way?

Naturally, we expected that the same mass uproar would be witnessed with this new festival cancellation but turns out Ugandans are not so bothered. There is not even a single trending hashtag on Twitter calling for the reinstatement of the carnival. So who was attending this carnival in the first place? Pickpockets?

Any way sQoop scrolled through various social media platforms and these are the reactions we got from the usually highly opinionated netizens.

@makulapictures: The regime is now afraid of its shadows. No taking chances,  you can’t have such big numbers in the Capital. Bambi the people who had planned to earn from it.. Guys who took loans hoping to reap big.

Douglas Lwanga: The rate at which events are being canceled is alarming, what did the KCCA carnival do this time?

@kalelacomedian: KCCA carnival cancelled because of PEOPLE POWER. Note:According to my research

@AlyceHope: So all along madam Jennifer Musisi has just come to realize that money for KCCA carnival needs to be cater for health centers and construction of schools in remote areas ? Iindeed this is Uganda..At last she got her brains intact .

 @kagamenkcholas: so there is immorality in KCCA carnival as well ??

The Kampala City Festival is a signature brand that draws in multitudes in Kampala every first Sunday of October to celebrate culture, unity and provides immense networking opportunities for business owners. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA

Dave Kazoora JK: Lokodo has also cancelled kcca carnival #MTNNyegeNyege This is what we call career breaking moment but of course the boss won’t do anything he might be promoted instead

@makulapictures: Money is going to do ‘CSR’ for projects that are actually a direct responsibility of KCCA.. ? ? ?  On that note,  let me do CSR on myself today and buy me food.

@Pk_Kiganda: What if KCCA is playing a Lokodo-Nyege Nyege situation for you guys to attend in numbers and make the carnival trend

@paulwebs1: There is no KCCAcarnival this year. Apart from God, fear the Nyege Nyege organizers and sangomas! Chei

@KyakalaUg: “Like I have always said the carnival was Musisi’s scheme aimed at theft & misuse of public funds. She has claimed the money went towards renovation of schools & health centers, can she name them?”

Lukwago Ival: Thank you Bobi Wine , thank you People Power for the pressure.

KCCA calls off the Kampala City festival this year. Mbu Ekivulu aba People Power babadde bajja kyefugga.

Poya Peter Paul: Good! Rumors have it that KCCA was going to be merged with ministry of Kampala,then Betty recommended that the ministry is not ready yet.

Faizol Bin Abdul: Haha they need to start to work for the betterment of d poor people

Mulungi Isaac: Mbu why waste money on entertaining PEOPLE POWER

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