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Jazmine and Bushington’s work relations hit a dead end


It was almost an open secret that Lydia Jazmine and her manager George Bush Kagoda alias Bushington were too close.

Together, they formed one unbeatable team that saw Bushington offer the streetwise skill of connecting, guidance and booking concerts for Jazmine that in turn brought her talent to the table.

Being well positioned, he got Jazmine booked for two consecutive editions of Coke Studio a big stage for our artistes.


Lydia Jazmine

However, it is said that the two have called it quits and it is not just their friendship that got affected – apparently, since it was becoming hard to work together, Jazmine fired Bushington.

A few days ago, she announced that she will now be under the guidance of Denis Muganzi, the man also known for guiding Eddy Kenzo’s Big Talent.

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