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Go military: Did you hang your camouflage outfits for fear of being arrested? Fear no more because there is still ways you can rock your military-inspired outfits without looking like you are breaking the law.

A while back, there was talk of military-inspired clothing getting banned from being worn by civilians. In some instances, individuals testified to being stopped by police and the military if found in this attire. Well, you do not have to worry anymore. You can actually wear your military-inspired clothing, without fear of being arrested. Here are a few pieces you can add to your outfit to be able to achieve this look.

These not only make quite the fashion statement, but are an easy way to style your military-inspired look. You can pair your chinos,with a dress shirt in a fun print and add your over coat to complete. Preferably, have your overcoat in olive green or navy blue. Ensure it is detailed with multiple gold coloured buttons.

Seeing as these are possibly the hottest headgear trend of the moment, they work perfectly for this look. You can have your beret in red, black or even brown. You can wear this with any of your street style outfits, and for a more eye catching look, slide your beret to the side, just like the Generals do in the movies.

Bomber jackets
If you still do not own a single bomber jacket in your wardrobe, you probably head back into whatever unfashionable era you crawled out of. Bomber jackets, when worn in shades such as green, navy blue or even black make for quite the military inspired outfit. You could even make the look more dashing by adding some stylish patch badges. Select these in military themes for the ideal look.

Think lace up boots with this one. You can wear these with your denims, shorts and even khaki pants. When it comes to the colours, think along the lines of black or brown.

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