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How to be Mark Zuckerburg, the Judas?

Mark Zuckerburg


BETRAYAL? Mark Zuckerberg is in hot soup for having allegedly given away private info of about 50 million Facebook users to a consulting company which worked with Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. With such a scandal, you can imagine how much more could be at stake.

After entrusting Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook with our deepest secrets for more than a decade, guy sold out to the highest bidder… mbuuuuu. Just when you thought that sliding into your crush’s inbox was top secret business, turns out somebody could be watching with popcorns in hand as they laugh at your lame guts. Let’s all pretend that we did not see this coming. We all know by now that sharing any information on the Internet, however private, is simply putting it up for public proof-reading these days. It is hard to guarantee privacy.
Zuckerberg is now in hot soup for having allegedly given away private info of about 50 million Facebook users to a consulting company which worked with Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. There goes our trust issues down the drain. For Mark Zuckerberg, this spells hard times but we cannot ignore how Facebook changed the face of social media. From connecting the world to making anyone believe their opinion matters, its influence has been remarkable. Thanks to Zuckerberg, we have met friends and foes on Facebook, got the occassional compliment for our looks, got poked by our relatives(that is gross) and ‘social media managers’ can step on our heads thinking that they are the modern day Einsteins. Wanna be like Mark, copy my tips.

Down to earth
For a man who is nearly worth $70m, Zuckerberg can surely do better than a plain grey t-shirt he chooses to wear regularly at board meetings. Like dude, suit up or something. Zuckerberg chooses to keep it casual in jeans and wear plain t-shirts which lack personality. In fact, dude looks like one of those usual bazungu who trek Jinja Road with racksacks on their backs as they ponder life. He is not your typical billionaire who lives a flashy life, drives fancy rides and pops champagne in casinos.
What are the chances that you would find an ordinary Ugandan living a very quiet life after they hit a breakthrough deal? Success in Uganda has to be felt by your peers, clanmates through your fashion sense, cars you drive, friends you make and places you hang out.
Well, if you wanna be like Mark, you will have to tone down everything. Wear a ka normal t-shirt to work as if you were attending a telecom company promo, like money does not faze you. Let your success speak for you. But most importantly, be successful to begin with.

Be a visionary
Unfortunately for many of us, our vision does not go farther than the gates of our houses. There is nothing to look forward to. We are scared to dream, to risk or try new things. As employees, we are more comfortable playing hide and seek with roaches in old dusty offices than risking it all in our own businesses. We religiously believe that degrees and good grades are a guarantee to making it in life. Jokes will forever be on us.
Zuckerberg decided to put the stress of books aside to pursue his dream of programming and connecting the world through his creation Facebook while the whole world yawned on their office desks. While everyone thought he was crazy, he carried on. You guys should look beyond the crumbs you are being fed at your workplace and get your hands dirty. Wake up and work on that dream.
To be the next Zuckerberg, grab your dreams by the scruff of the neck for any chance of success. Hustle until your shoe sole wears off and your hair tints with dust. Nothing can cloud your vision. Poke the dream to its irritation and eventually it will be at your mercy.

Dirty tricks win
Mark Zuckerberg is believed to have stolen the idea that resulted into Facebook from his two classmates back at Harvard. This world was not meant for slow men. If you see what you like and it is not rightfully claimed, you take. This is not theft, it is improvisation or self-service. Mark has lived off the brain-child of his former mates for the last decade and is certainly still earning from it. This could be you. Loyalty is overrated guys. A brother or a sister needs to eat.
Those friends who have always been crying to you about how they need capital to start should be aware that you have relieved them of the burden of finances by starting the businesses on their behalf. If you have no friends to use, it is safe to say you cannot embody what Zuckerberg represents.
Well go ahead and be like Mark.

Twitter: @InK_era35

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