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Video review: Sabula – Fille

Fille Live your life, play your game, keep in your lane. And that is what Fille takes as gospel truth even in the video. For the first time in a long while, you see that Fille character that has long been hidden. She brings on that ‘bad’ factor. She is even willing to jump off the cliff with her fashion. Too bad, the fashion jump is a failed one. But is that not the point of the video? Fear nothing, try out things and do it your way.

You will surely love the fullness of life that Fille injects in this video. You want to stand up and dance along. She is a female ‘Kasuku’ on the podium. The chorus break with that well-choreographed dance to match to the tunes deserves a thumbs up. The video does not need a storyline to bring out its flow. The video only gets you to ask; “Where was this Fille hiding all along?” Terrible fashion, extreme energy.

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