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Swangz Avenue boss robbed at airport

Swangz Avenue

If you have noticed, Swangz Avenue artistes have been quiet for some time now and we can base this on the fact that the bosses Julius Kyazze and Benon Mugumbya have been on vacation in the United States of America.

But Kyazze encountered the worst experience in his years of travelling when his luggage was stolen and worse still, hasn’t received any explanation from the responsible airline company.

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He branded Spirit Airlines ‘the worst ever in his life’ and that his social media rant is to get their attention and save his lost baggage. He even threatened to create a page against them if he doesn’t get his stuff soon.

The Swangz Avenue boss also mentioned his other dissatisfaction about the airline company including their disregard for safety and forcing passengers to pay for extra kilos on the luggage.

“The first airline to tell me my 1 year old child doesn’t need a seat belt. Hostesses literary told us to hold the baby tight. This was a first. Is this even legal?. I was charged very exorbitantly for our extra bags and also forced to pay for every extra kilo the bags had. Our bags that we paid for.. One didn’t show at the colossal. After 3 days, we haven’t heard from the airline, no one answers the phone. I only got one automated email that even says dont respond. They dont even promise or give any explanations,” he said.

“Lesson Learnt again.. Cheap is Expensive. The prices they flashed when I made my booking turned out to be way higher than the other airlines I was avoiding because of price. DO NOT FLY SPIRIT EVER,” he concluded.

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