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The Video: Tubawe – Pia Pounds

“Let’s give them something to do, and talk about” thus says Pia Pounds.
But does the video live up to this ideal? Without doubt, Pia Pounds is here for serious business. The jab is that starting scene where Pia Pounds gyrates on the road as a Biker approaches.

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Nothing is left to chance, from her shoe game to that of her Biker lover. At the pool scene, as she floats, we are given a close-up shot of the girl who is out to dominate, the lover chooses to get lost in his misplaced augmented reality goggles. The real score for this video is the fact that it laser focuses on Pia Pounds, it’s her ‘this is me, this is what I can do’ note video. She even spreads out and goes gardening with her muscular ‘Daville.’
Yet, there is that missing star factor to Pia Pounds, and what makes her remarkable. It is a void that needs to be filled for her future videos.

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