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Ykee Benda promises to pay fan’s school fees

Sometime back, a video of a young boy singing Ykee Benda’s  Superman caught the attention of the singer who then decided to launch a search for the little boy.

After a long search, Benda got to meet the young man with his parents. Filled with joy, the musician promised to pay the boy’s school fees with immediate effect.

Ykee Benda

Ykee Benda (carrying the little boy) flung by the boy’s parents. COURTESY PHOTO

“Yesterday was the best day of my life as an artist. I finally got to meet the ‘Young Superman’ who likes to be called Suda Benda… It was soo fulfilling…they welcomed us..fed us sooo well. Omwana Bambi ye ayagala kubela nga Ykee Bambi (the little boy wants to be like me),” he posted.

Benda also said the boy’s father is a boda boda rider while the mother is a house wife.

“We became family from then on and I offered to pay the boy’s school fees since I believe in education which brought tears in the parent’s eyes,” Benda posted.

With the current financial situation in the country and the family’s financial situation, the Byonkola artiste has really been a blessing.

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