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Song writer Saxess Busuulwa dies, leaves legacy

Song writer Saxess Bussulwa breathed his last today after an unsuccessful corrective abdominal surgery at Rubaga hospital.

Saxess was involved in an accident over ten years ago but started developing complications recently. He underwent a successful surgery in July at Rubaga Hospital and seemed to be improving but the complications persisted thereafter.

saxess busuulwa

Song writer Saxess Busuulwa breathed his last today.

Born Male Busuulwa, Saxess was first engaged in graphics designing, painting, making billboards. He later trained youths and street children in graphics designing before joining the music industry in 2005.

The talented song writer first wrote Chagga’s  Jangu eno Maama and Waligwa which became instant hits. Sussex never looked back since then.

He later wrote Phina Mugerwa’s Bampasudde at no fee because he did not know that he was meant to be paid for his services.

The 33-year-old, however, came to learn of the money he could make from son-writing and begun charging Shs1.5 million per song in 2006. Some of the chart-topping songs he wrote include Juliana’s Eddiba, Obsessions’ Begonza, Blue3 and GNL’s  Kakana, Jackie Chandiru’s Gold Digger, Rema’s Fire Tonight, Nameless’ Butterfly, Grace Nakimera’s Bwoba Sexy and Navio’s Mbamalawo.

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