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Don Zella betrayed, cries over Gal Power party

Sheila Don Zella has cried foul after Spark TV presenter Zahara Toto was seen at Zari’s All White party. Don Zella says she was enraged because she had signed a contract with Spark TV.

Upon seeing the All White party footage Don Zella took to social media and called out Spark TV.

Don Zella

“Spark TV, you are the main sponsor of this event but it’s so disappointing you have breached my contract,” she posted.

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Her followers simply laughed at her saying she deserves what she got.

“You can’t just have a function on the same date and time with her royal highness (Zari),” Mackena Angelo’s Patra, a follower commented.

Henry Katinda said “Nalongo Don zolo, comparing yourself to Zari is like comparing Bukkede TV to CNN”

Don Zella who seems to have taken everything personal also posted “If u have not supported the gal power cause don’t call me your friend.”

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