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Why is that man grabbing Beyonce’s belly?

Social media is the way to go lately and we have seen people trying to do awkward things just to get likes and comments, such as ‘photoshopping’ themselves with celebrities. For every 10 attempts however, nine get backlash from the public for a Photoshop jobgone wrong.  But not Robert Van Impe, a Belgium nationalist who has mastered the game.

Known as Average Rob, he is a digital artist and comedian, who holds a Master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from Coventry University and works as a (sort of) journalist for Belgian comedy magazine Humo.

Most of his photo shop jobs look convincing enough to be real and has done so with celebrities like Beyonce, Brad Pitt and David Bekham among others just like in the pictures below.  Now if only we could get someone to do something similar for Ugandan celebs, that would be interesting.

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