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Florence Kasumba, Uganda’s Lupita Nyongo

Florence Kasumba is to Uganda what Lupita Nyongo is to Kenya. The only difference is Lupita being an academy award winner.

Kasumba is a Ugandan born, Germany based actress who is making a name in Hollywood for her acting skills.

She has starred in a number of movies like Captain America, Wonder Woman and Black Panther among others which has forced Disney to also feature her as one of the casts for an upcoming movie titled ‘The Lion King’ where she will be Shenzi.

The movie which will be coming out in 2019 was inspired by the novel of the same name and the animation that screened a few years ago. It also has other big names like Beyonce Knowles, James Earl and John Oliver among others.

Florence Kasumba is a 39-year-old actress born in 1976 in Kampala. She has been doing movies since 2000 and she’s known for playing the part of Ayo in Captain America: Civil war, Senator Acantha in Wonder Woman and the wicked witch of the east in the NBC television series Emerald City.


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