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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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How to be Sheilah Gashumba: Certified hustler

SLAY GIRL: She calls herself the lil’ stunner and boy does Sheilah Gashumba stun on Instagram! This girl has learnt well from daddy or has daddy just groomed her well? Whatever the case, truth be told the girl has worked her booty hard. She has known all kind of hustle and if you want to follow in her footsteps…



‘Keeping Up With Gashumbas’ has got to be the unofficial best reality TV show played out before our eyes because the father-daughter duo are never short on entertainment. While Frank talks for days without filters, Sheilah embodies them on her Instagram and Snapchat pages. Whether we like it or not, The Gashumbas have made it their life’s purpose to forever be in our faces, the news or wherever Internet has reach. This has earned us a life sentence of wasting our meagre MBs in their glory and mischief.
Sheilah Gashumba is everywhere like a plague. She is a TV presenter, budding socialite, a show host, on billboards and a weave vendor (who knew) among other things. She is also among the first version of slay queens churned out a few years ago, that are still remotely relevant. Yes, this girl literally brought photo filters to life and has made something of a brand using social media.

Unlike many 21-year-olds who will break a leg to look good for free on Instagram, Sheila actually cashes from it. It is surprising to find a slay queen with some hustle in them these days. As others go to bed with dreams, the typical slay queens go to bed with their make up on. What a shame! So to be like SnapChat’s slay mama, your favourite idler’s gotchu.


Slay Disciple
Slay at sunrise and sunset. This life has no part-timers so you can forget to occasionally look off. Step out of your house looking on fleek with exaggerated make-up, lip stick gloating off your lips, eyebrows drawn smartly and your human body calculating the next move over eight-inch heels.The sack-sized handbags and monster-sized sun-glasses are a must-have too. Your pictures need to go through an intense vetting process before they are uploaded or seen anywhere.
If you wanna be like Sheilah, prepare to take on slaying as a full time job rewarded by likes and comments from friends and followers on Instagram. Take pictures with a Louis Vuitton handbag even if you do not have transy back home from The Wink. Slaying is the religion and you are simply a disciple. Thou shall not look kwara kwara in public. Always know that.

Young hustler
I have never been a fan but that is just me. I have always thought she is not a natural and was simply mentored well to fit on TV. Girl has been on TV since she was eight years old, so she had better be good already. I feel the same for Sheebah Karungi. People who are not initially easy on the eye but somehow shaped their own craft. Talent has no chance where hustle is in the mix. Sheilah Gashumba has grown from a fresh-faced teeniez presenter to hosting a music show, other red carpet shows and a bunch of other stuff.

Do not listen to anyone who said your face was never meant for TV. On paper, that could be true hahaha but swallow not! You decide what you are good at. If your hustle is in the farm, hang in there. The pests will visit, the climate will beef but you gotta die by the yam, bro. No days off.
If you have been as useful as the “k” in the word “knife” at your office, it is time to ring changes. Make yourself noticed even if you have to call ‘daddy’ to help you do so. Bambi they call the chick privileged for having a somewhat rich daddy yet she has to vend weaves to survive. If only they knew. Respect people’s hustle.

All over the place
Sometimes you just wanna tell this girl to sit down for a minute, catch a breath before moving on to something else. Her face just seems repetitive and brings deja-vu vibes. It is like when you have seen enough of her, you ain’t seen nothing yet. For some reason she is at every public event in town, beers are starting to feel envious. Could it be hormones or the nature of her job? Her FOMO is riyooo.

If you have never turned down an invite to any given function, you are walking her path quite effortlessly. There is no reason a grown man of 35 years should be fighting with children for drinks at a three-year-old’s birthday party simply because you were invited. Take a few seats bro.
And now, go be like Sheilah.

Twitter: @InK_era35

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