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A pregnant woman can get away with anything, not nudity!

Motherhood is the sweetest thing that can happen to a woman. The journey through, despite its challenges makes it worth every while.
Society always makes the effort to understand and support pregnant women, which makes it a warm experience. I mean they will stand up and let a pregnant woman sit, excuse her from long queues in banks, hospital and all, offer drinks as and when they need them among many other things.
This is why so many people looked shocked at this nine-month-old expectant woman who walked into a public gathering dressed in almost nothing. The dress was too short to reveal the unimaginable.
Even when one tried to understand her in her state, they could not brush off the annoying thought behind that kind of dressing. For starters, she looked horrible and careless moving around almost naked. I mean, who does that? Why do some women make it seem like they are taking the positive, warm welcome from society for granted?
Is it the lack of appropriate wear? Is it the “I don’t care attitude”? or is it that they expect everyone to wear their shoes hence let everything pass?
Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. Motherhood is even more defining and calls for a certain level of responsibilty both inside and out. Now walking around “naked” is not something we can justify easily. It just reads so many things in one so some women ought to own up to this beautiful gift and treat it with the deserving direction.
Carelessly doing things like being half naked, smoking, drinking alcohol among others is just unacceptable!


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