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Ghetto Kids reject 500K from Green festival


The Ghetto Kids have arrived, that is without a doubt! If you disagree, go ahead and google them. Anyhow, seems like the young dancers are the biggest dance group in the country right now and we all know what that means – higher value! I mean, the kids have been booked to perform at the Grammys and yet Joseph Masembe still chooses to look at them the same way. Masembe, the man behind the Green Festival believes the old ties he has with the dancers should be enough to hire them at any price. According to sources, Masembe called Dauda Kavuma, the dancer’s manager and offered him Shs500,000 to perform at the Green Festival this weekend.
Kavuma’s response: “Nara!” A source told us he was overheard saying the money was not even enough for one child because while in the US, every show they performed at fetched about Shs3m for each child.
When we spoke to Kavuma, he said Shs500,000 was the only amount Masembe had on his lips because that is what he has paid the dancers everytime they performed at his events. “Our brand has grown and if we continue performing for peanuts, we are not going to continue growing as a dance group and of course it is embarrassing for a group that performed at the BET to step on stage for Shs500,000”.
We are not sure if Masembe finally added some money on the Shs500,000. Guess we will find out at the festival.

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