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Connie Tiffs

Toxic people should not be accommodated

One of the most absurd things is to see people fight over the weirdest things in the most unexpected places.
Take this young lady who found her husband on a lunch date with another lady at a prominent hangout place in Bugolobi.
The man, I learnt was talking business with a client but had conveniently failed to inform his wife that he had stepped out of office. Trust me the way the wife was spitting fire and threatened to pull off the other woman’s weave could not let all these details pass us by.
She even dared to pour soda over the waitress that had come to intervene as she showed off her glittering wedding band.
This prompted the other woman to stealithy flee, leaving a very embarrassed husband. Like they say, matters of the heart can drive some creatures insane.
We have heard of other even worse scenarios – spouses stalking each other to the point of scolding each and everyone found a few meters next to their husbands and vice versa.
Such toxic lifestyles for what really?
Is it hard for such individuals to just be in love and remain stable upstairs? Should we assume that it’s indeed true that there are creatures that cannot breath and would suffocate in the name of love?
We have seen and felt for people who have lost life in crimes of passion and just wish for one thing, that had they managed some of these situations well, they probably would have a different story to tell.
Toxic people should not be accommodated in one’s life! In fact one should flee as soon as another shows such signs of violence.
Things like stalking the whole world in a bid to monitor one’s footsteps, then breaking all rules to embarrass them and make them seem like they are dogs owned hence play by another’s fiddle should just stop. Life does not have to be that complicated, miserable let alone a source of confusion.
May the souls of those who have died at the expense of their “loved ones” rest in peace. And may all those who are in such relationships wake up before it’s too late because in the end, no one deserves to die in such a way!


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