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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs: Where are your manners?

Imagine a grown up human being eating with food falling from their mouth. Imagine an adult eating and spilling the table with food, has no clue about the use of cutlery and all those things that make up a well groomed person!
Ahem! Sometimes we experience certain things and wonder what is happening in the world around us. What happened to manners being taught at a tender age? What happened to people reading between the lines and rectifying whatever went wrong in their upbringing through personal training and grooming?

The other day, I could not help but notice this old woman, roughly in her late 30s eating food like she had been starved for a whole decade. She kept on making that irritating sound with her fork each time she picked it to get food. Food littered everywhere which made the table look messy and ugly. Let us please not forget her sitting posture that made it tempting for one to just give her a stool because it seemed like it would have been more comfortable for her at that point. When she was done, she stood up and did not even bother to make her table neat enough for the next person.

Looking at her in that mix, made all the expensive perfume, hair, outfit and accessories on her seem like the cheapest items ever. This just confirmed that good grooming is key to an attractive look. So where exactly was such a person raised? One wonders! Given her estimated age she must have come from the era where good manners counted a lot. Where society had the authority to pump sense into any misbehaving child. Where table manners were respected meaning that how one conducted themselves was key. These things of coughing, sneezing and yapping while eating were just unheard of. Unlike today where adults forget their role and think that loving a child means forgetting how much the little things matter and pretending that they will learn it all along the way.

This woman just made me sick to the stomach. We ought to learn how to value ourselves if we expect those around us to value and respect us. How one conducts themselves plays a big part on which respective personal brand they carry. I can imagine how disorganised such an individual can be. The thought is just absurd.
I pray that even when we get busy; we never forget the expensive reward that lies in good grooming and possessing the right etiquette especially in public.

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