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Desire Luzinda endorses her love with Lwasa




Ugandan singer Desire Luzinda has confirmed that she is in a relationship with Masaka–based tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa.

In a video that is making several rounds on social media, the singer was at a dinner with Lwasa and the two did not only stop at enjoying the meal but took some time off to capture a video of themselves affirming their love for each other.

In the video, Luzinda speaks of her love for Lwasa and also dares him to look straight into the camera and  affirm his love for her which he does.

“I love you, do you love me? Tunula mu camera okyogera,” she says as she commands the tycoon to give his response while on camera.

This was followed by wild laughter from the two. Although they seemed to be having fun, the video has been interpreted differently as some people allege that Desire was forcing Lwasa to say he loves her.

“In other news the video where Desire is forcing Lwasa to say that he loves her is out,” commented Doro Rich on Desire’s Facebook wall.

Whatever it may be, looks like Luzinda is excited about the whole idea because shortly after the video making rounds on social media, she posted a message on her Facebook wall: “Everyone has a source of power behind their success.” Could her source of power be Lwasa? Only God knows as the video contradicts what Desire said a few days back when she denied any love connections between her and Lwasa.


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