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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs: But these people who carry their bad manners to the taxi

She walked into the front door with so much energy. Her mobile phone was supported by her cheeks as she piled her luggage into the taxi. She kept talking on her phone with her voice as loud as thunder. No one could believe that she was having this conversation in a public transport means, caring less about the rest of the people in this very taxi.
This was a woman who happened to board this taxi and make life hell for all passengers with her irritating noise and behaviour.

It has been a while since I last boarded a taxi, thanks to the variety in public transport lately which presents very many convenient options.
After this experience though, I vowed not to board one again. I mean, why are some passengers so uncouth when it comes to respecting others?

Someone walks into a taxi and chooses to make it their own by having loud conversations on their mobile phones, playing music from their devices, caring less if it suits everyone on board and above all choosing to carry whichever luggage how and whenever they want to eeish!
Imagine your neighbour sitting with chicken that keeps hopping from one side to another and messing up the other’s outfit in the long run, huh?

One wonders if such people dare to care about the rest around them or simply forget that public transport is indeed public transport; which simply means that there are very many other people with different interests accessing the same means at the same time so how about they are respected in this mix?

It is just wrong for one to think that they can do as they please and imagine that life will go on somehow. Now that loud lady made life hell for the whole taxi. I mean from her hen that kept crowing and hopping all over the place, to her loud phone call that had the driver reduce the volume on the car radio upon her request.
Jeez! Such people should have their own cars and forget about stressing every passenger they come across, thanks to their poor public etiquette, ahem!

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