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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs: Jokes aside, what if there are other ‘Mukiibis’ out there!

Good names and titles have always been used while referring to him. From prominent educationist, philanthropist to interesting nick names like “Daddy”, (from his students).
Not such a bad idea, considering the good deeds he had supposedly done to leave a lasting legacy. Well that was until his children lined up at his funeral and continue to do so. The numbers have increased and as they increased, stories about his ways while he lived came out before all and sundry.
And oh my! What a sad story! I am the kind that loves to respect the dead and let them be, especially since there is never anything to do about the kind of life they lived.
On this note though, the pain is hard to ignore. The sight of all those orphans lined up, their mothers, a range of women of all age groups was just saddening. Clearly this is a man who lived his life to the “fullest”, caring less about the repercussions.
Who are we to judge, you say? Well, it is painful to learn that a prominent educationist, whom many parents entrusted with their children, could have had the audacity to abuse them. It is sad to know that a renowned philanthropist abused his position and took young innocent minds for granted, as if making them pay for his goodwill indirectly.
Now while the memes fly here and there and make this whole scenario seem like a big joke, one cannot escape the fact of the reality that such things happen. Such atrocities befall our children in places we think are the safest. The students are beaten into silence, while those in authority do as they please. I doubt that what happened to some of the students at the St Lawrence schools is exclusive to the St Lawrence Schools alone.
Let’s set the jokes aside and try to investigate this and also sensitise the public, especially our children to speak up if they hear such stories happening around them. I mean, why is it that no one has ever come out publicly to expose the late and his unfathomable habits? While at it, we need to also ask ourselves; Did such vices only happen in the hands of the fallen professor? What can be done to stop such atrocities?
Or is it going to be a case of us laughing and creatively coming up with all sorts of jokes about this and many other situations, forgetting that there could be very many other “Professor Mukiibis” out there poaching on young girls and being the typical wolf in sheep’s skin!
For now, all we can say is may his soul rest in eternal peace because the legacy he left out here on earth is one that makes one go Oops!

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