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Bebe Cool attacks fan over beer

Bebe Cool

When they say that Bebe Cool tops the list when it comes to arrogant artistes in the country, it is no lie because Chameleone will come second. But again, they could be cut from the same cloth. Bebe Cool showed face on Tuesday evening at Top Notch Bar in Ntinda where the singer and his Gagamel band have a night every Tuesday. On that fateful night, the clouds happened to be threatening so before it could rain, revellers were seen struggling to rush out home. An unidentified bar patron accidentally knocked over a bottle of beer that belonged to Bebe Cool. Without hesitation, the Gagamel boss stood up and slapped the young man before pushing him away and ordering the bouncers to throw him out. He asked that the guy never be allowed to return to the bar again. Apparently when the victim tried to report to the bar manager, whose name we did not get, he was asked to report to police and not involve the bar in their misunderstanding. However, according to another source who was in the bar, Bebe Cool’s drink was actually not spilled but he was rather irritated by the young crowd congesting their table.

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