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Hustler: Boris Kintu

Boris Kintu

MAKING JAMS: Kintu is a studio owner who has dealt with a lot of artistes. He started out with help from his siblings and 12 years down the road, he now earns between 600k and Shs1m in a month.
What is the name of your studio?
It is called Black Jams. Back in school I was always teased about my dark complexion, while the Jams part came when I was hosted by Denis Mawanda on WBS TV and he asked me if I was the one behind the several hits then. When I said yes, he said ‘Nice Jamz’ brother. That inspired part of the name.

When did you start the studio?
In 2004. My elder brother had an amplifier with microphone inputs while my sisters helped me purchase my first microphone.

How much did you invest in the studio and what equipment did you start with?
If it wasn’t for the help of my siblings, I believe I wouldn’t have started the studio. I’m still investing because the studio hasn’t reached where I want it to be, but I think I spent Shs4.5m and I used it to buy an amplifier, a computer and a microphone, among other things.

Why a studio?
I grew up in a musical family. I used to use buckets as drums when I was a child and in primary school I played the drums (engalabi). Besides that, I was part of the boys and girls brigade band at Namirembe Cathedral, where I played the snare drum. So when I got introduced to the production software called FL STUDIO 3.1.2, the rest was history.

Which artistes have you worked with?
I have worked with Peter Miles, Queen Bella, Nutty Neithan, Tickitah, Christopher Fabulous, Sylvester and Abramz, Angelina, Saraha Zawedde among others.

How much do you charge to record at your studio?
It depends on the artiste; most musicians don’t know how to sing, so it’s upon the producer to make the song good. But I charge between Shs280,000 and Shs380,000.

Is recording the only thing you do at the studio?
No. We also offer high end mixing and mastering, jingles and commercials, music video production, track sells, song writing, studio setup, studio engineering and wiring , and we recommend and purchase studio equipment for companies.

How much do you make in a month from this studio?
It depends. Sometimes clients don’t even come in for three or four months, and you make losses like any other business but if business is good, then I could earn between Shs600,000 and Shs1m in a month.

Where is your studio located?
In Nakulabye on Muteesa 1 Road, just after Labamba Bar.

Most studios are in Makindye where many artistes reside. Why didn’t you also put Black Jamz there?
It is near home, and I love being next to my family. Also rent is affordable.


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