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Is Bobi Wine is a transformed man?

If you put yourself in Bobi Wine’s shoes, what would you have done if your beach was demolished by the same kingdom that you owe allegiance to?

Well, some would never associate themselves with it while others would probably seek justice by taking legal action in the courts of law.

But not Bobi Wine who instead decided to just write a letter to the kingdom about his plight and this was after the kingdom officials had written one to him.

Quite a number of people advised him to take legal action but he refused and to show that he still stands with the Kabaka, he participated in the annual Kabaka run event that happened last Sunday.

He was all smiles as he completed the race and even took some pictures with other runners including fellow musicians like Catherine Kusasira.

This however shouldn’t come as a surprise because Bobi Wine lately is doing interesting things; you could say he is a smooth operator, involving himself in matters to do with giving back to society. We have seen him donate to charity, make appearances at functions not as an artiste but just as a guest and lately he has been giving motivational speeches. He has also appeared at politicians’ homes on different occasions. He was seen visiting Kizza Besigye at the height of his house arrest last year, and attended the former AIGP, Felix Kaweesi’s funeral service.

We are wondering what Bobi Wine’s big plan is. Only time will tell.

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