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Hustler : Evans Atuheire aka Owesome

DRESSING THEM: Evans Atuheire started selling clothes just for a survival, but slowly his passion has grown into a business.
Tell us about yourself.
I am a second year student of Fashion and Design at Nkumba University. I am a stylist I own Fashion Clinic boutique in Entebbe.

Why did you choose this particular business?
I am passionate about style and fashion. Fashion moved me when I was in a terrible situation financially. That is when I realised I had a passion I could exploit. I can now afford to pay my own tuition and take care of other needs.

How was the beginning for you?
It was tough. I had nothing. I borrowed Shs50,000 from a friend, invested it and started selling the clothes to close colleagues and friends. I used to move with my back pack which had my stock. That was two years ago.

Where are you now in your business?
The business has grown. It is now worth about Shs3m.

What has made you stand out?
I follow trends closely, so I keenly observe my customers’ tastes and preferences. I listen to their comments and compliments, which I take seriously. I also don’t compromise on quality.

Who are your target customers?
University students, corporates working with United Nations in Entebbe and many business people around town.

What are your prices?
Khaki and jeans range from Shs40,000 to Shs70,000. Shirts, both short and long-sleeved range from Shs30,000 to Shs50,000 respectively. T-shirts are between Shs25,000 and Shs30,000.

How do you handle the competition?
I outstand the competition by keeping up with the demand. It is all about doing my job in the best way with passion and consistency.

Where do you buy your items?
Around Kampala. I have specific people who sell to me quality stuff.

Any challenges?
The current economic situation is hard. Money is scarce, but it is about adjusting through saving and spending carefully. That is the discipline that keeps me going.

What is your view about the current fashion industry?
The industry is growing but the people in it are not the best.

How can one get your products?
They can visit my boutique located in Entebbe Town opposite Total petrol station.

Any future plans?
I hope to be one of the most fashionable people in Uganda. I want to move the industry to greater heights.


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