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Connie Tiffs

But who sits in a Range Rover and litters the road?

As I was driving last week, a very absurd incident caught my attention.
A car that drove ahead of me (I am tempted to reveal the car number plates but I will let that go for now, given that I am in a good mood), went pas while littering the road. One would think it was a garbage collecting car, but no it was a sleek ride. A lovely Range Rover Sport, so you can imagine my astonishment.
I mean, why do some people own such crisp vehicles that they cannot accord the respect that they deserve?
Anyway, aside from that, what is it with some Ugandans and failing to maintain clean environments? What is exciting about dumping rubbish from a car window while on the road? What is wrong with respecting other road users, including the pedestrians? Is it that we lack accessible dumping sites in different areas or is it a case of just being lazy and forgetting about what really matters? It is so absurd.
Now imagine in the whole process of dumping the rubbish, the garbage flew right into the faces of two ladies that were walking at the side of the road. I could feel their pain, shock and curses that followed this driver. I sure hope that he recieves his rightful punishment from heaven.
Truth be told, we ought to do things the right way. Do not litter the road with rubbish on your way to wherever and think that someone will miraculously sort out that mess. At times we are so quick to vent and blame the authorities for this and that yet we also forget to do what is right and save our souls from some of these situations.
How shall we keep away from disease if all we do is mess up anything clean as we claim to live and exsist well in our comfort zones? Think about it. We do not have to wait for strict rules to be enforced for some little sanity to exist.
Let us simply do what is right and the rest shall follow!

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