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Connie Tiffs

Before you post bragging pics, first clean up or use a filter

ConnieI like how generations change from time to time. It is interesting to see new innovations and how times keep evolving. The way we all embrace everything new all together though!


A clear example is how most of us switched from the conservative good old days where keeping to oneself and living up to a certain degree of privacy mattered a lot to a zone where everything about oneself is laid out for all who care.
I mean, today, it is easier to know so much about someone without even meeting them. And I guess that is all okay as long as one feels comfortable living their life in whichever way they can.
My problem though is how some people do it, leaves a lot to be desired. Imagine someone trying so hard to paint a picture of themselves living large, touring places and existing in the fab lane only for the reality to expose them when found living in a ghetto somewhere like a real pauper. Isn’t this a total case of complicating one’s life?
Then there is the lot that just will not stop talking about themselves. From their children, job, family, extended family, challenges faced on a daily among other things. This lot will not even get embarrassed having petty family issues addressed on all the social platforms like it matters to anyone at all. Then you wonder from which planet this lot comes from.
Now there is the confused group that oba was never taught the skill of always being prepared and looking presentable before the public. I mean, the likes that post all sorts of weird photographs in awkward places. Someone posts a photograph of themselves in a filthy kitchen to brag about a meal they have prepared. Another posts a photo about their children in torn clothes in a bid to celebrate their birthdays, huh? Such raise a million eyebrows because who does that really? This just reminds us of that saying that you can take one out of the village but you cannot take the village out of them. In one’s thinking, this group is one that is probably excited about the pleasures of this new social network era that they cease to mind the simple basics.
One thing is for sure, regardless of the evolving times, culture still binds us in one way or another. Washing dirty linen in public is still as abhorable as exposing everything in one’s life hence leaving nothing to the imagination. So it looks ridiculous to see an adult abusing these social platforms in all the wrong ways yet manage to move with their heads up high.
Anyway in the end, it comes down to what every individual values and holds dear to their life so we shall just leave it all at that, right?

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