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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs: Imagine a world where women worked together

It is a Friday evening and the traffic is heavy as usual. The taxis seem to fill up within a blink of an eye so waiting seems like the only option. No wait, there actually is another option; call an Uber to save the day, right?
Anyways, while still caught up in the mix of what to do to get home safe, a young lady walked past and stood right next to me. She seemed like she was weighing the options to get to her destination in a jiffy; just like myself. No sooner had she stood, than two other women shrugged at her as if to suggest that she had committed a crime standing next to them. She looked uncomfortable that she left and found another place to stand.
But women can be interesting sometimes. I do not know whether it is in their DNA to put others down. In another scenario, while walking through a hospital corridor at one of the hospitals in Kampala, I watched as a youthful nurse tried to courteously greet a colleague, only to be ignored.
In my head, I was like, do people have to be this mean really? Can’t one treat another well without throwing the wrong attitude? What could have gone wrong for an old woman to rub it off on a hustling another?
I know most of such women get away with the “female hormones” excuse but hey… Treating one right does not require the best genes or hormones to fall to place. It is all about good grooming and behaving right. It is about wearing another’s shoes and being as kind to them as we would have wanted it ourselves.
This in my view is much better than tearing each other down. This syndrome is just so wrong and to think that it happens anywhere and everywhere from women is so absurd. Just imagine a world where women pulled women up and focused majorly on that other than looking for one’s flaws or ways to bring them down? Imagine if for once, women behaved ko like men and zoned off, stopped focusing on themselves and holding the wrong grudges for the longest time; how far would they be?
I do not know about you but I think it is wrong to pull each other down. Focus on yourself, appreciate one another and love to see another happy. Enjoy the thrill in watching generations grow without throwing jealous comments such as “Kale I was once like you”- so what anyways?
Life can be less complicated if we all stopped getting envious over the wrong things and focused our energies on constructive avenues that yield to positive attitude.

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