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Connie Tiffs

connie’s tiffs: Mbu holy what? Anyway, who are we to judge?

So Prophet Samuel Kakande of the Synagogue of Nations church introduced holy rice at his church going for Shs 50,000 per kilo. Wow! From the look of things, the quest for success against all odds has been taken to another level. Is it social media that has exposed all sorts of pastors from different parts of Africa convincing their flock to do all sorts of ridiculous things to achieve success that has convinced some of our pastors to join the band wagon? Or is it just a case of taking things a notch higher to make a mark in God’s kingdom?
I mean, from pastors who step on their congregation mbu to drive out demons, to those who convince them to get naked in their eyes or indulge in all sorts of sexual activities, we have seen it all.
Oh! Did I forget the ones that mint money like their life depends on it? The holy rice thing though is in another league. Oba where do these “men of God” get such ideas from? Oba do their flock ever read and follow the Bible? Oba are people just too desperate these days that anything goes, depending on how it is packaged?
It is just a hard puzzle to complete. And while a good number of us made fun of this “pastoral innovation”, I bet that many convinced “sheep” in this “Shephard’s” church followed every detail to the tinniest “T” and even looked for the money to buy the rice as advised. In fact as of now, some are even cooking it as per his instructions. Mnnnnh!
But again, who are we to judge and paint a whole dirty picture about this whole holy rice story? After all, while we all go on and on about our businesses behind closed doors, doing God knows what in this daily hustle, no one laughs at us or condemns our actions. Is it because we do it in the dark or what?
I have seen people pointing fingers at others who spend millions at different churches to claim their healing and revival as if the money being donated is theirs. I guess it is that same boring syndrome of people minding other people’s business and forgetting that they could probably be in worse situations.
Otherwise how would one explain the millions spent in bars on a daily, caring less about what tomorrow holds? For some reason everyone thinks it is okay to do that and find it laughable for another to do the same.
Mehnnn, in the end to each their own. As long as one’s actions do not affect another directly or indirectly, they ought to just stay out of each other’s business and let life go on.
Let those who want to spend on the holy rice do so. While others can also proceed with what makes them happy. Whether it’s at a bar, ice-cream parlor, road trip, salon, just let it be their business in the end.

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