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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs: I long for the day these boda guys will pay for their sins

I long for the day these boda guys will pay for their sins
“What is wrong with you? Can you move to the front so that I can pass or else I will smash your car windows!” shouted a boda boda cyclist at one of the drivers stuck in traffic jam.
From the look of things, the driver on the other hand had had such a bad day. He jumped out of the car and lashed at the boda boda dude, giving the cyclist a beating of his life amid assurances. The driver was mad that a boda boda cyclist would dare speak to him with such arrogance, backed by threats to shutter his glass windows.
The rest of us looked on in shock as the scuffle ensued along Jinja Road.
I must admit I hate fights but I think this boda guy deserved this. I mean, these guys can be such a pain. Clearly the God who created them did so in a separate special way. So on a bad day one can give it to them good without thinking twice.
I mean, who did this guy think he was to give orders to a motorist? Sometimes they assume that the swiftness with which they manoeuvre through roads, caring less about every other road user is the same way others look at road usage, huh?
In another scenario the boda boda cyclist deliberately rammed into another car and immediately started to scream like a three-year-old. The sight of this whole act made me think out loud to myself that these guys were just special.
They are special at being the biggest pain on the road but still manage to move with their heads up high. They are special for they alone can prove that they are indeed a necessary evil. Despite their shortcomings, one will still take a boda boda to get from point A to B. They are special at being the biggest bullies on the road who somehow always get away with their dramatic and annoying stunts.
It is a surprise that up to now, not a single solution has been found as far as dealing with these guys is concerned. The car driver in the first scenario handled the loud misplaced cyclist in his own best way. The rest of us may not have the same approach hence struggle with them on a daily as they merrily get away with anything under the sun.
I hope that one day, they will each pay for their sins and by that I mean, the many lives that they expose to all sorts of risks, the many drivers that they stress like there is no tomorrow, the many road accidents they have contributed to and above all the innocent souls that have been bullied by their arrogance, carelessness and negligence.
I know that if you have accessed the roads in Uganda, we share the same kind of prayer as far as boda boda cyclists go, right?

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