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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs: Funny how people still fuss about Valentine’s Day!

The flowers, themed parties, endless kaboozi that fills the air, mehhnnnn! All the chaos that happens in the name of celebrating Valentine’s Day still startles me.
I mean, it is just hard to understand how one gets excited to celebrate one day of love like they do not live or dwell in the same zone everyday. And while at it, they get absolutely lost and risk looking mad in the process.
Just imagine a man dressed in a red outfit from head to toe coupled with a matching hat as he walks steadily to his date with a bouquet of red roses, Ahem! Then the ladies who try their best to have a touch of red on their outfits as they sit and wait in anticipation for the gifts to flock in from all corners. Now when the expected does not happen, they throw all sorts of tantrums, aha Ugandans!
Why one goes through such trouble is a whole puzzle. Isn’t love supposed to be celebrated everyday? Aren’t couples supposed to make memorable moments on a daily or even hourly-that’s if you want to exaggerate it? As for the gifts, are they supposed to be a source of tantrums or fights if they do not come through?
Whoever said that one has the right to sit and expect to be treated in a certain way because a certain day X dictates so? Whatever happened to spontaneity and the feeling of excitement when it happens, huh? Just imagine sitting and waiting for a bouquet of roses to be delivered to you just because it is St Valentine’s Day mbu, as if this cannot happen on another day and even carry a far much better meaning? As for the men who have now become too engulfed in this whole business lately, what’s their story? That look of some old man dressed up in a head to toe red outfit as he walked along the streets of Kampala still gives me goose bumps, I will not lie about it, eeish!
It is just amazing how people can complicate life unnecessarily by embracing days that they have no clue about.
Anyway, that’s just an art that some Ugandans have mastered so well. I mean, don’t we see many running mad on days like “Halloween” and get lost in the end? I think if anyone came up with a plan to just have fun, have a reason to keep busy doing a whole lot of nothing, many Ugandans would just flock in and follow the bandwagon gleefully. Here anything goes, you know?

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