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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Of people who survive by stalking others on social media

Last week I paid one of my favourite fashion designers a visit. Given her very busy schedule, a good number of us had to wait in the queue. As I waited, I decided to make a phone call. “Hello…” I said to the person on the other end. A woman from the other end of the queue then shouted, “Eh! Are you trying to reach the designer? If so, please tell her I also need to talk and see her urgently”.

Ahem! I looked at this crazy chick and so many things went on in my mind. I just kept quiet. I mean, what gave her the courage to eavesdrop and even ask to talk on my phone as if we are tight buddies?
Indeed, wonders shall never end! Such are the nosy people that fill our society on a daily. They have and know no boundaries. They lack society etiquette and assume rights to almost everything. They think and believe that their opinion matters and it should be given attention as if they are and can be in charge of every situation and someone’s life.

In another unrelated scenario, I was startled to hear a group of women talking about different personalities like they know them. Now guess what info they had? Trolling and stalking these people’s social media pages. They yapped about their dresscode, last place they visited, looks and they had crammed what status update and caption followed which picture, when and how it was posted, as they went on and on like they earned a salary from it.

Banaye some people have time. Clearly some people lack a life to live, work to do and a plan for their time. I wondered what would prompt one to mind another person’s business. What does he or she gain from it and in the end do they pat their backs for a job well done?

Is it a case of one being envious of another or just holding too much admiration that a minute without stalking their profiles is time wasted? The thought of it all sounds ridiculous. Anyway, while a normal human being may not really appreciate this kind of circus, I guess the ever cropping up socialites need and would be excited about such a lot. The sort that lacks what to do, hence would make them famous by following and talking about the nonsense that happens in their life, right? Sickening if you asked me!
In the end, if the world was full of people who would just mind their own business and let others live as per their wishes and plans, it would be such a wonderful, stress-free zone!

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