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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : But why force yourself on some lifestyle?


Looking good is a wish that many have. However while some people have mastered the art of feeling and looking gorgeous, others just gamble their way around it all and fail so hard in the end.
Just like this lady who shocked everyone while on a night out. For starters, she looked drunk, judging by her staggering movements, misplaced hair and high-pitched voice each time she talked. Then it seemed as though she was in the wrong place because sometimes one can tell another’s character by the way they look, speak or dress.
Anyway, to cut the long story short, as she staggered her way to her seat, she tripped, only for her wig to drop to the ground before all and sundry.
The sight of an adult falling or about to fall is funny in its own sense. Then the wig on the ground was just another story all together.
Oba what is wrong with some people? Why should one try so hard to look good and force life in the whole mix? What is wrong with trying to stay in one’s own lane backed by the befitting means and all?
Honestly, this sight was so embarassing, I wouldn’t wish it for my arch enemy ever. And I hope that this was a lesson for such people.
I mean, some ladies can try so hard to embrace trends that they get lost in the whole mix. They fail to know what works for them and what looks best on each of them. Out of desperacy, they just go with anything that comes their way only to pay the hardest price in the end.
Another lady in this same mix, fell after failing to walk steadily in high heels. This one oba broke an ankle even? And one wonders, is it worth it really?
Why can’t they just stick to what works? Getting stressed in the fashion lane is just not worth it. Instead make life simple by sticking to what effortlessly works for you.
If it is a pair of flat shoes, then find the best looking pair to suit the rightful occasion. It is much better than an uncomfortable pair of heels that will cause embarassment in the long run.
Why traumatise everyone around you by falling, manya exposing wierd looks as wigs fall off when it can be as easy as dressing right according to your comfort zone, huh?

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