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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Let’s not get too excited and stay safe this Xmas

Think festive season and the word “partying” comes to mind. Somehow the excitement fills the air and suddenly everything takes a twist; roads get jammed up, social media goes ablaze with updates on whatever, I cannot even get started on the long lines at shopping centres, eeish! It startles me that the energy never goes down for each passing year.
Of course the headache of those annoying signature parties from the sangomas promising hot air have also become part and parcel of the festive season celebrations. As far as these go, I think we have talked and our throats have gone dry so we shall leave the “happeners” do their thing. That’s their business after all.
What comes to my mind with this excitement are the tragic losses that characterised last year’s celebrations on the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe (may their souls R.I.P). Oba how did that story end? Oh Uganda!
I bet you the same beaches will be fully operational this year and the many Ugandans who I think suffer from memory loss or just love taking risks will flock the places.
I sure hope we have a different story to tell this year round. I mean, surely, one can have fun without getting all wild and losing it in the moment. It is already evident that around this time, it is as though everyone is on a spree to take huge risks and prove all sorts of points. Some will drink until their brains turn upside down all through the season while others will try and brave all their fears; bungee jumping, hiking, swimming to the middle of the lake, taking a road trip at very high speeds, name it. Which sounds like absolute fun by the way. I mean who wouldn’t want to lose it in the thrill of the moment? But let’s keep in mind that at the end of the day it is family time so how about we kept to taking care and ensuring that we do not leave our families in tears because of some careless excitement, huh?
Oba this is where we commend those who travel to the villages. I mean, one would be absolutely crazy to go all gaga on the road, speeding with their entire family in the car hence endangering everyone in the mix. So this could be worthwhile plot. Again, that is just my two cents. Nobody can dictate what level one wants to get mad and lost in the moment so we shall just say; Merry Christmas everyone

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