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Connie Tiffs

But people who carry sheep to the marathon… really?


So the 13th edition of the MTN Kampala Marathon happened and this time round we were raising funds to improve sanitation facilities for pupils. The good thing about this event is that many people look forward to family time and fun. But then again, what is wrong with some people and getting it all wrong? I mean, isn’t it startling to see a woman showing up for the marathon with a toddler? This makes me just imagine the time they took waking the poor baby up and prepping it for the marathon. Wonders just never end for sure.
Then we have that lot that chooses to dress up like they are in the comfort of their bedroom, oba what’s their story? Just imagine the wrong body shape wearing some revealing sports attire and pretending to actually run yet in actual sense they are there for selfies! Let us not forget the ones that stress the traffic police by riding on boda bodas in a rush to get to the finishing line. Such people should be given some serious beating. I mean, I would rather one walks to the end than pretend to ride along instead of running or walking for fun.
Then there are those who choose to show up with their pets. Like seriously? Who does that? Oba it would not have been such a big deal if it was any other common pet like a cat or dog, but sheep? Like really? Sheep? Ahem! It is amazing to see how people can easily choose to make fools out of themselves in the name of standing out.
As if that is not enough, you also have that lot that just sways in straight from a night out and roll with the programme. This lot will try to make the best hooligans out of themselves, screaming, bullying… just a range of participants like there is no tomorrow. It is like they are assigned to make life hard for those who choose to enjoy the event. One wonders why they even bother to show up and not just stay wherever they were the previous night in the name of saving some of us the headache that comes with their presence, eish!
Anyway, it can be a clear mish mash of so many things, including the well made up babes who choose to be a destruction while taking selfies in all the interesting angles like their life depends on the social media updates. In the end, however, it is relieving to know that Ugandans love to indulge in charity. I mean, it takes a lot of guts to wake up at 5am to show up and simply run or walk for a cause. But then again, one gets confused whether it is the love for charity or just the love for having fun and stopping at nothing to enjoy it.

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