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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs :Banange, stop peeping at my magazine as I read

There is nothing as annoying as feeling some stranger’s breath over your shoulder in the name of peeping at what they are reading about.
Oba how do such “villagers” make their way to most of the places that they are not expected to be at?
Imagine you are at the salon or in the waiting lounge at a hospital, bank name it. You pick up a magazine or newspaper and as you read through, this “peeping Tom” from the blue tries to get a glimpse of whichever page you are at and further follows like it is their business.
Some annoying ones will even attempt to start up a chat as if you really know them. Others can take the familiarity notch higher by requesting that you do not flip the pages until they are done reading. Let us not forget the nuisances that get too close that you can feel their annoying breath over your shoulders, ahem!
Now, isn’t this how one earns themselves an unexpected slap in the face?
I mean, how lousy can one be to think that they can just share and read a magazine with a total stranger that they have met anywhere? What makes them think that they would share the same reading interests to the point of even knocking heads in the process while flipping pages, among other things?
Such boldness can only belong to a very uncouth person with no etiquette and has never mastered the art of reading between the lines, eh!
It is just too annoying. However, like the popular saying goes, you can take one from the village but can never take the village out of them- these villagers are indeed here to give the rest of us a serious headache, eish!

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