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Mun G moves to his new house


One artiste once said that a man is not a man if he has no house. If we remember well, it must have been Mikie Wine – Bobi Wine’s brother. Well, I guess singer Mun G can now stand and be counted among men.
While there are artistes who have posted their house foundations on social media but never followed up with completion pictures, the Sala Pulesa singer has walked the talk.
Mun G has been constructing his house for almost three years now and construction took a standstill at some point last year but with one deal in Tubonga Naawe and the continuous advertising gigs, the singer finally said bye bye to his landlord.
It is said that Mun G bagged so much money from the Tubonga Naawe project that he even bought a new Mercedes.
Congrats Mr Mungi Emmanuel Matovu, now Sqoop is waiting for housewarming invites!

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